For the love of Scenic Drives

     It was a black Honda Civic, with black vinyl interior, no ac, in the mid 1980s. My little sister and I were in the back seat, passing the time with our walkmans, handheld-battery-operated fans, sing-a-longs initiated by our fun-loving parents, long naps, license plate games, and the occassional fight over the crossing of the imaginary line in the backseat.  

     We had lots of different cars growing up, but it was in this car that my parents took us on the long and exciting journey from our home in California to the Hooper family reunion in Indiana. It was in this car that my dad declared the "no crayons in the car rule" after someone (7-year old me) left their orange crayon which melted and permanently adhered to the dash.  It was in this car that  we had to very carefully buckle up with the burning hot black metal seatbelts. It was in this car that my love for the scenic drive was born.

     Around the same time, my future husband was riding along in his family's stationwagon. His family liked to take the scenic route as well. Matt remembers riding in the very back, in the rear facing seat, and using the extra seat belt buckle as his CB radio to "talk" to the other truckers. He hasn't said this, but I think his love for the scenic drive was born then, along with the desire to drive a big rig. 

     It is quite a lovely arrangement we have - Matt loves to drive and I love to not drive! I much prefer to take pictures, check out the map, and plan our next stop. We were meant to travel together.  Even before we were full-time rv'ers, Matt and I would enjoy exploring the area where we lived by getting lost on roads we had never been down before just to see what we could see. Now that we are traveling all over, we get to see new roads all the time. You would think it would get old, but it doesn't - it only makes us want to see more! 

Turnagain arm

     We do our long distance driving in the RV, but we take our tow vehicle to go down those exciting side roads.  With 5 kids, some planning does help to make sure everyone is having a good time.  I have found that it is always a good idea to have plenty of snacks and our waters, along with a small bag of toys to entertain small people. Frequent stops are nice too, and sometimes there is an added bonus of spotting a park with a playground, or my favorite, public beach access right along the road!

giant redwoods

      Lately we have been able to drive down some of the most beautiful scenic drives I have ever seen!  The Turnagain Arm in Alaska; the Alaskan Highway through British Columbia; Highway 101 along the coast in Oregon; and through the Giant Redwoods in Northern California. These drives have been amazing and should be added to your bucket list, if you have one. Even if these areas are not on your radar, you can still enjoy scenic drives wherever you happen to be.  Maybe you will find something new just around the bend!

salt flats

    Do you love scenic drives?  When did you discover it?  Does the thought of driving down a road you have never seen excite you? 

   Thank you for reading along while I gush about the open road, I hope you all are loving your own adventures as well.


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