Exploring Wyoming

So, the world still seems crazy, and our life has not changed much since my last post, there isn’t much more I can say about the current circumstances. Instead of talking about social isolation and pandemics and all of that, I decided to make a post about the week we spent in Wyoming last July.

What a cool state! Wide open spaces have a way of making me feel small and at peace all at the same time. They make me feel a sense of wonder, the beauty of landscapes revealing a magnificent Creator. Here are some of my favorite views from around Wyoming:

We spent most of our time near the city of Green River, Wyoming. It was a cool city with amazing views of Castle Rock. It is also home to some great friends and the Assembly of God church where Matt preached. While in Green River our friends Nate and Tina were very hospitable and gracious “tour guides”.

On Saturday we had a full day of driving and exploring, the first stop was an old “ghost town”. With Wyoming’s population density of 6 people per square mile, you could imagine there are lots of areas that feel like a ghost town. I found myself wondering, as we drove around the scenic, wide open spaces of Wyoming, “Where are the people? and How long does it take someone who lives in the country to get to the store?”

This ghost town had been abandoned long ago, and unfortunately any remaining stone structures had been covered with graffiti and bullet holes. I did find myself saying “don’t read that” several times to the kids. In spite of the profanity spelled out on the old walls, it was fun to let the kids explore and imagine what the town used to be.

After that little bit of exploration, some refreshment was in order. So we stopped over at Farson Mercantile, “Home of the Big Cone”. Yum. The slogan was fitting, they didn’t skimp on portion size. It was a popular pit stop, out in the middle of nowhere, there were families and a large group of bikers all sharing the space together.

After our snack, we drove to our friends’ family cabin. It was built by their grandparents and now serves as a getaway spot for the whole family. It was such a cool spot, and further encouraged us to find a home base of our own in Indiana – a place that our kids and grandkids can enjoy long after we are gone if they so choose. I’m so glad they took the time to show it to us.

After exploring the homestead, we took some other interesting drives and came across a festival at an old mining camp/town. It was cool to look around but unfortunatley we arrived a little late and most of the food stands were sold out.

On Sunday Matt preached at the First Assembly of God church. The church was friendly and receptive and hungry for God. We enjoyed lunch with the pastor and his wife after service.

On Monday Matt did an extensive repair job on the RV. The hydrolic jack hose sprung a leak somewhere back in Northern California and here in Green River, Wyoming there was a shop that sold just the hoses we needed. Matt has discovered that he can learn how to do almost anything by watching a youtube video, and I was quite impressed at his ability to fix this leak.

The kids and I visited the welcome center in Green River with the pastor and his wife, and then had some ice cream while Matt was fixing the RV. Then they took all of us on a long and beautiful road trip down to the Red Canyon. It borders Wyoming and Utah and is like a minature Grand Canyon, without the crowds. It was great to make new friends that enjoy a good road trip as much as we do!

Thanks for reading about our week in Wyoming, it really is a great state and we enjoyed it very much. I hope you are all enjoying life’s adventures . . . at home. Well, I hope we can all have great adventures again soon!

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